Ed Note: On January 10, 2013 nine-year-old Rodrigo Guzman was detained along with his family by Immigration and Customs Enformcement (ICE) along the Texas-Mexico border. After determing their visas had expired, the family was sent back to Mexico and told they must wait five years before reapplying for a visa. Social Justice activist Mable Yee is the mother of twin boys, Kyle and Scott Kuwahara, who are Rodrigo’s classmates at Jefferson Elementary School in Berkeley, California. They are in the forefront of the Bring Rodrigo Home – Kids For Kids campaign that was launched March 19. NAM reporter Semany Gashaw interviewed her.



NAM: Did the kids understand what actually happened to Rodrigo?

Yee: I explained to them that in order to be a citizen of this country, you have to either have been born here or become a (naturalized) citizen. These kids understand the concept of social justice. My son says: “We are taught about Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Cesar Chavez standing up for other people’s rights. But who is fighting for Rodrigo’s rights?” Kyle said it is our turn and our time to stand up like Martin Luther King and Yuri Kochiyama. We give them all this information and now they actually have an opportunity to put into action the lessons they learned in class through their history books.”

source: http://newamericamedia.org/2013/04/berkeley-fourth-graders-determined-to-bring-classmate-back-hom.php

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